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    Welcome to X24Arena!

    X24Arena! - Since 2019 - The new FIFA eSport community platform!
    Here you can meet other FIFA gamers from all skill levels and play cool tournaments, challenges and leagues! On top you can win real money by playing tournaments and challenges for X24Coins! Below you can find more info about the key features... Create your profile and have fun!

    Challenge X24! Division Ranking - for every match played on the website you will earn or loose points, according to this you can go up and down on the Division Ranking. In future there will be tournaments and leagues dedicated to single divisions, so that gamers on the same level equelly compete in competitions! Challenge

    Challenge X24! Challenges - you can challenge other gamers to play a 1 on 1 challenge for money, the winner gets all the money! Ofcourse you can also play for free & fun! On top there are mulit-challenges called "Best of #" - here a # amount of players play 1 match against each other, the player that is on the first place of the ladder will win and get all the money! Challenge

    Challenge X24! Tournaments - we organize cool tournaments where gamers can attend on and win money! There are two key formats: Leage Cup - here the first phase is the group phase where all players play a match against each other, the first 2 qualify for the knock-out stage where 1 on 1 direct matches decide on further passing to next rounds! Knock-out tournament - here gamers play direct knock-out matches where the winner goes to the next round! Challenge

    Challenge X24! Leagues - Coming soon! in the future when we have many gamers on the website, we would like to organize cool national leagues where gamers wil play in their own country leagues and have the chance to qualify for European Champions League or Euro league. Challenge

    Challenge X24! Coins - you can buy X24Coins and then you can participate in tournaments, challenges and leagues where cash can be won! When you win a contest with X24Coins, you will get more X24Coins on your account, these X24Coins you can return for money and we send Euros to your Paypal or Bank account in return! Challenge

    Challenge X24! Lounge - community area where gamers can connect and socialize with each other, share posts, media and other content! Challenge

    X24!Arena Vision - we are new since beginning of January 2019! Our vision is to grow our community to become the #1 place to be for FIFA gaming, where gamers from all skill levels will have fun, connect with each other and where constant new gaming formats will be presented! Such as a complete League system based on national leagues and European cups!

    Join our community and have fun playing FIFA and earning money!