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4.2 Tournament Gaming Rules
4.2.1 Choosing Club

  • Depending on the tournament specific rules, a tournament participant can sign-up 1 up to 3 clubs from FIFA to play with during a tournament, clubs are chosen at tournament sign up.
    • - This means that for every match, the participant need to choose one of the sign upped clubs, it is not allowed to choose other clubs than the ones signed up
    • - If a participant plays with another club than the one singed up, he/she will automatically loose the match with 3-0, the opponent needs to report this to moderator


4.2.2 Result entry

  • After a match is played, the winner needs to enter the result into the X24Arena tournament match page, then within 5 minutes the participant that lost the match needs to confirm the result by clicking on the confirm button in the specific match area on the tournament page.
  • In case the losing party doesn’t do this, he or she may get penalty points in the form of deduction of ranking points, coins, tournament points or ban from the site


4.2.3 Result proof

  • For protection, it is recommended to take a screenshot/photo of the match final result, as this will be used as proof in case of a dispute between the participants of the match.
    • - In case the players have a dispute about the final result, and none of the participants have a screenshot of the final result, and there are no records about the match, then the match will be played again starting from 0-0!


4.2.4 Game interruption

  • In case a game crashes during a match, the players need to make a rematch immediately, and play until the minutes of the crash –> then the final result consist out of the result from the crashed match + the result of the new match until the minute of the crashed match.

    (example: crashed match: 2-1 at 65’ minute. à Second match played until 25’ minute (90-65min) with result 0-1, so the final result is 2-2)
  • In case the match cannot be played due to too much crashes, the players need to notify the moderator, the moderator will then judge about next steps, according to the player crash history (delegate 3-0 to certain player, assign players to another match..)


4.2.5 Match schedule

  • When the tournament is created, the match schedule for all the rounds is automatically generated, the schedule must be respected by all the participants
  • For Knock-out tournaments: Each match needs to be played according to the scheduled date and time, due to the fact that the schedule for the tournament is tight, and knock-out rounds depend on previous matches
  • In case a player is not able to attend the specific match date and time, he/she will need to inform the tournament moderator before, than the match will be registered as 3-0 for the opponent, however there will be no punishment for the player that is not able to attend
  • In case the player doesn’t inform the moderator before the match, the match will be registered as a 3-0 win for the opponent and the player will be punished by taking ranking points, tournament points, kick-out, or X24Coins deduction – this will be decided by the moderator


4.2.6 Player no-show

  • Player no-show criteria: In case a player doesn’t show-up within 5 minutes of the scheduled time to play (date and timetable is provided on the tournament matches area), the final result will be registered as 3-0 for the opposing player. The opposing player needs to notify the moderator. 
    • - No-show means, he/she didn’t make any contact within the 5 minutes
    • - In case the players showed up, but cannot start within 10 minutes after scheduled date and time, the moderator will judge about next steps
  • If no-show happens during 2 matches, the player will be automatically kicked-out of the tournament, and all his/her played and scheduled matches will be registered as 3-0 win for the opponents  
  • Player that didn’t show up and is out of a tournament that is played with X24Coins, will not get any X24Coins refund


4.2.7 Table standing

  • Following table standing criteria rules apply in following order: 1) Points 2) Goal difference 3) Number of won matches 4) head vs head


4.2.8 Global Ranking

  • For each match, players will earn or lose points on the global X24 Ranking and Divisions, following rules apply:
  • Win: +3 points
  • Draw: +1 points
  • Lose: 0 points

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